Catholic University School

TY Hike to Glendalough

Last Thursday, we got our first taste of our Transition Year Outdoor Pursuits Programme in our trip to Glendalough. After our first class, we set out from CUS to Glendalough in high spirits. Instead of our usual two buses, we had to take four to accommodate social distancing. It was a strange experience having to sit apart from each other on the bus, let alone wearing masks, but the journey was still enjoyable regardless. The conversation still flowed; who was going to be put in who’s fantasy team, what the homework was the night before, the usual stuff. When we arrived at Glendalough, we were put into four different groups, before being led off by Mr. Israel on the 5k hike around the upper lakes. The scenery was breathtaking. Personally, whenever I take a walk, I never really take much notice of the environment around me. However, a few minutes into the hike, I was taken aback by just how beautiful the scenery was. The lake was so calm and clear, and the trees and sky shone in its reflection. After hiking around the upper lake, we took a break for lunch. Again, it was strange to have a socially distanced lunch, but enjoyable nonetheless. After finishing off our food we made our way back to the buses, and drove back to Dublin. Overall, it was a very enjoyable trip. It was great to be away with the lads again, even with the Covid guidelines. A big thanks to all the staff for facilitating the trip and making it happen in the first place. We’re all eagerly looking forward to the next one. Billy Dunne TY