Catholic University School

Student Council ISSU Conference

Catholic University School is a member of the Irish Second-Level Students’ Union (ISSU), a union representing the second-level student body throughout Ireland. The union is extremely large and complex with an abundance of different roles and positions for interested students. The union mainly focuses on uplifting, representing, and defending students’ voices all over the country. It also gives students a seat at the table when it comes to governmental decisions regarding education and young people. On Wednesday the 3rd of November, CUS was invited to an ISSU meeting and a regional body officer election. The RBO represents a certain region within Dublin, hosting events and meetings with schools and students. Eoghan Jerkland (6th Year), Finn Smith (5th Year), Michael O’Boyle (4th Year) and Jack O’Neill (4th Year) represented Catholic University School. We had a engaged in workshops throughout the day, talks from the heads of the organisation, and a discussion with a member from the congress of trade unions in Ireland. It was also a wonderful opportunity to converse with students our age from other schools about topics of mutual interest and modern-day relevance such as climate change. After lunch, we had the RBO election in which Eoghan Jerkland from 6th Year ran against three students from different schools. Each candidate had to give a one-minute speech on what their aspirations and agenda would be for the union if they were to be elected. The vote was done through a proportional representation model, and to our delight, Eoghan won! It was a very informative day in which Catholic University School managed to come away with an excellent result. I sincerely look forward to the next ISSU event. Written by Jack O'Neill TY